Jessy Lim (Instagram @jescreates) started her adventure in calligraphy art since 2016. Jessy is passionate about the art of Spencerian. Her passion and enthusiasm for the unique and beautiful calligraphy art is love at first sight since a couple years ago. since then, she has never looked back and is constantly curious about this beautiful form of writing. There is something about this rare yet elegant form of art that she has always found unique, elegant and beautiful.


She is currently taking part in the world renowned Penmanship/ Penwomen program with the Ink Academy, the World first Calligraphy School in 70 years, located in California. Under the supervision and mentorship of the Master Penman Michael Sull himself. Her focus is to sharpen and deepen her Spencerian skills, ornamental Penmanship and Offhand Flourishing. 

There is so much beauty in handwriting, it is individualistic and unique in its own way. Calligraphy is more than just techniques & accuracy in each stroke, it represents you; in a very personal way which can’t be replaced by a keyboard. Jessy hopes to bring back this beautiful form of writing and to save this endangered art from disappearing. She hopes to inspire people to write and fall in love with handwriting as much as she does.