Pregnancy Anxiety

Here’s me and my baby bump 🤰🥰#24weekspregnant

I have been thinking if I should share this here … I guess I should as I know I’m not the only mum-to-be struggling with pregnancy anxiety. Yes, I admit that I have been feeling pretty bad since last week especially. I know everyone talks about postpartum depression but not enough about the anxiety that comes during pregnancy.

I have been feeling guilty about almost everything… from not eating enough, sleeping enough, not having the energy to do house chores, for crying, making hubby worried about me and list goes on. It mostly comes from things not being perfect before the baby comes. And… Lately I overstressed my body to the point I’m in pain(hip and back), can’t stand straight & crying at the same time because I’m overwhelmed with these imaginary duties that need to be done before the baby.

I was so frustrated of my body not being cooperative, always in pain & being constantly too tired to do anything …then I couldn’t stop crying because I felt silly for crying in the first place. My hormones are literally whack. And then I was fine two hours later, like what 🤣

BUT…I spend as much time as I can each day with my hands on my belly, connecting to the little one inside me; feeling every little movement and realizing that, even though it might be uncomfortable for me right now, the comfort is knowing how much I already love this little buddle of joy and such a blessing to be pregnant,baby growing well and thriving and my body able to provide a safe home for our little one to grow.🤰🥰🧸🎈 .

It’s not easy to share these negative feelings (it’s always easier to pretend everything is okay right?) but I feel it’s really important to be honest in order to grow & my sharing might help any fellow Mommies-to-be whom may be experiencing any similar feelings.. you are not alone! We got this! 💪🏼 .

And I want to be able to share both the good & the bad. This new chapter is challenging me in so many ways & making me learn to embrace change in a new way.I know there is a lot more change to come but I also know it will be worth every second.🥰 #calligraphycommunity

And so thankful to have such a supportive husband always listening to my struggles. Your prayers and hugs comforted me so much. Love you Jeffery Goh. So very thankful for you. ❤️


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